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. Your topic You need to carry out a piece of primary research on the subject of globalisation; specifically, your topic needs to look at the risks and benefits of a joint business venture to enter international markets. Realistically, you probably will not be able to gain access to an organisation which is about to enter a new international market, or which has recently done so.  Even if you can, the company may not be using a joint venture.  If you can find a suitable company, that would provide an excellent opportunity for a piece of research involving managers of the company – for example, to test their approach to this opportunity against what the literature suggests is good practice.  However, you should certainly be able to able to gain access to actual or potential customers in an international market, either customers in the UK who might be potential buyers of goods or services from an overseas business or, for example, customers in your home country who might be potential buyers of goods or services from a UK business looking to enter that market.  The latter subject is particularly timely, given the UK’s impending exit from the European Union and the debate about British businesses moving into new export markets, such as Africa or Asia.  There are clearly other risks and benefits relevant to a joint business venture seeking to enter international markets that your literature review could discuss.  But in terms of primary research, unless you have access to a relevant business/organisation, you should consider some sort of market research relevant to a company that may be seeking to enter a new international market, or to a sector more generally (e.g. perceptions of the UK as a holiday destination among people from country X). The proposed research should be a realistic one for a student to do in the time available.  You are not expected to propose a topic that would require a large research team or take years to complete!  As your research report will include a short literature review, it is also important to consider whether there is enough academic literature when choosing your subject. You are strongly recommended to propose only one method of collecting your primary data – e.g. a questionnaire survey or semi-structured interviews, not both. More details about the theme of globalisation are in the document Research Project Theme 2018 below. The assignments There are two assignments for this module.  Full details are in the assignment brief below, but here is a summary: Task 1: Project Plan Based on the topic above, you are expected to create a project plan that addresses the feasibility of your project. The plan needs to include: 1.    A brief explanation of your proposed research topic and why you have chosen it. 2.    An aim and some objectives for your proposed research. 3.    A brief discussion of the scope and limitations of your proposed research. 4.    Resources and cost considerations relating to your proposed research. 5.    A project plan, Gantt chart or work breakdown structure in order to provide timeframes and stages for completion of your research. 6.    A risk register covering the five main risks with the proposed research, including the size of each risk, planned mitigation measures and residual risk. This provides evidence for LO1.  The word count is 750 words +/- 10%, excluding the plan/Gantt chart/WBS and risk register

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