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Homework answers / question archive / EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Short summary of the full business case

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Short summary of the full business case


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Short summary of the full business case. Describes at a high level the problem, synopsis of the analysis, and explanation of the recommended solution. 


Clear and concise statement that describes the opportunity or issue being address in the business case. Identify the stakeholders and community involvement required for a successful project. Define an initial set of business benefits as related to EACH quadrant on the balanced scorecard.  




Breaks down the top (3) solutions explored. List with brief description of the potential solutions and the pros and cons of each. One option should always be to do nothing. Included in each solution after the pros and cons should be a cost-benefit analysis, describing the potential financial benefits of the solution. You should also consider the hard and soft costs of the decisions. How will the user community be impacted by each option? RECOMMENDATION

Explains your recommendation for the project and how you came to that decision. This section is utilized to sell the reason the project should be green lighted and implemented. Can include thoughts on how the project should be ran such as methodology, resources, and time frame. 

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