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Homework answers / question archive / Imagine that you are a paralegal in a law firm

Imagine that you are a paralegal in a law firm


Imagine that you are a paralegal in a law firm. You have been tasked with drafting the initial memo regarding the case of a new client to the firm, Ms. Baker. After interviewing Ms. Baker, you learned the following: Ms. Baker, a resident of Connecticut, was on a road trip to visit the world’s largest ball of twine in Cawker City, Kansas. When she was driving in Kansas, her car was hit from behind by Ms. Smith, a Kansas resident. Unfortunately, Ms. Baker’s car was totaled, she suffered injuries, emotional distress, and lost time from work. Her damages exceeded $75,000. The police determined the accident was wholly faulty of Ms. Smith. 


 • Use the attached Memo template. 

• Draft an office memorandum to your supervising attorney in which you answer the following questions:

 • Can this case be filed in federal court? Why? (HINT: See Diversity Jurisdiction)

 • Identify and explain the first document that the firm should file in court on behalf of Ms. Baker that will let Ms. Smith know that she is being sued.

 • Identify what information should be sought in discovery.

 • Identify and explain witnesses that should be called on behalf of Ms. Baker at trial. 

• Would ADR be helpful in this case? Why? Requirements: 

• Use APA format for non-legal sources such as the textbook. Use Bluebook citation format for any legal citations.

 • Submit a Word document using the Memo template. 

• Maximum two pages in length, excluding the Reference page.

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