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Homework answers / question archive / Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on popular culture in the middle east class

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on popular culture in the middle east class


Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on popular culture in the middle east class. The facilitators of these objections have objectives of bringing down governments that fail to accord their values since they consider them unbearable (Gelvin 123). Notably, the protestors have goals of preventing erosions of their culture that they claim is facing a solemn challenge due to proliferation of the western cultures. According to the promoters of these protests, the culture of the west presents unethical values, which corrupt societal morals. hence, should be discouraged (Gelvin 56).

The Role of the Government occupies a crucial position in our daily life endeavors. Indeed, the government defines the condition of our society since it resides with the control and supervisory power. Notably, any government has a role of managing the country's people and resources. Consequently, the government designs the scheme that will protect people's interest and fore's peaceful for retractions among the citizens (Meier 43). Managing people is a complicated, multifaceted procedure that demands a critical and rational mind since individuals will always present varied interests and traits. Some individuals depict ill part and features that pose risks to society. This, therefore, builds a role for the government entrusting it with the responsibility of ensuring a monitored environment by spelling regulations (Meier 11). Notably, the authority has a part of guiding the citizens. Since governments are entrusted with leadership as its prime duty, the body should be capable of availing proper guidance and clarifications where the need arises. Notably, this guide ought to be justified since citizens expect simple solutions and representations out of their government. However, compromised governance may misuse these opportunities to impose irrational values in society. This poses challenges to the role of government in safeguarding the people and their interest since such practices contravene with principles of good governance (Meier 29). Surprisingly, such governments adopt tactical schemes hence making it difficult for the society to realize their ill practices.

Besides managing people, the administration has the role of organizing the country's property or resources. Apparently, life demands material support hence there arises the concern of managing these resources since they determine our wellbeing.

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