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Homework answers / question archive / 1)Make a C program without using malloc or string

1)Make a C program without using malloc or string

Computer Science

1)Make a C program without using malloc or string.h. The program should be in 3 seperate modules, the main, a .h file that contains the struct and maybe the array, and lastly another .c file that does most of the work of the program. The program will need to read from arguments. an example of an input into the arguments would be "vowels aeiou Digits 0-9" or "lowervowels aeiou Digits 1234567890 AllVowels ^aeiou" (the ^ represents uppercase which should signal to the program that you should ignore the case. The program should store these values in a static array "static ChrCat categories[]" where the default of the array is MAX defined as 10. Use a struct to define the ChrCat, the struct should look "like typdef struct { char *name; char *characters; int counter; }ChrCat" After the program takes in the input from the arguments it should allow the user to type anything. The program will then check if the user input matches with the categories and add a count to each of the categories the input was relevant to. (so if there is an a in the user input it should add the count to lowervowels and AllVowels. Lastly the program should print the counts of each category in a toString method.

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