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Homework answers / question archive / Write 6 pages thesis on the topic mad men as a tv show

Write 6 pages thesis on the topic mad men as a tv show


Write 6 pages thesis on the topic mad men as a tv show. The incidence in Figaro's marriage clearly shows how Don can be well collected and sharp (McNutt, 1). Don, who is wearing a white undershirt, is seen smoking and drinking beer as he puts his three-year-old daughter's playhouse together for her birthday party. we see one of Betty Draper's good friends and neighbor look at him in some fantasy way and say,s "that man" Betty replies "I know.".&nbsp. There are many instances in the show, which will delight a modern-day viewer, especially about the main character, Don Draper (Letizia, 1). In the first episode, we witness Don Draper ask for help from a black busboy with a pack of lucky strike cigarettes in his pockets, his reason of why he buys fortunate strike cigarettes and therefore gives the audience a better sense of why he is who he is thus a very successful man working on Madison square Avenue. He does what he does effortlessly. He separates his experiences from what the audience likes. He does not let his past stand in the way of his determine his present life in the sense that he tries to avoid past events' recurrence. He lives a day when he faces the various challenges that come his way (McNutt, 1).&nbsp.

There is also an incident when we see Don accidentally walk in on one of his fellow employees having a homosexual encounter. Homosexuality is a sensitive issue that has resulted in sharp debates across the globe. Salvatore fears for his job, considering that homosexuality is an unacceptable behavior (Walton, 1). Don, on the other hand, treats it as an everyday affair.&nbsp. The audience is left wondering how the issue should be handled.&nbsp.

The audience is very attracted to the show because of the many characters with specific interests but none more than its main character, Don Draper. &nbsp.One can be very quick to criticize the show but holds on and keeps watching because of this man who seems to be the voice of a generation. The generation can easily, therefore, be associated with a lack of knowledge or general ignorance. We criticize current affairs by government officials, but it has never seemed to get in the way of important decisions being made. Mad Man is an excellent example of this statement especially in relation to how Don Draper carries himself in his personal and professional life.&nbsp.

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