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Homework answers / question archive / Write an article on Chinas Struggle for Environment Protection

Write an article on Chinas Struggle for Environment Protection


Write an article on Chinas Struggle for Environment Protection. It needs to be at least 1250 words. High rates of industrial pollution and the degradation of the forests and the grassland region, it has become quite difficult for marine creatures and other animals on land to fight for survival.

As an alarming concern with regards to the conservation of the environment, the Chinese Central authorities are trying to establish a strong basis in which the environmental regulators in the country will be able to implement measures that will guarantee the protection of the environment. However, it is well noted that the effort of the environmental regulators in protecting the environment will definitely sabotage the industrial activities as well as employment. It is based on this claim that the Chinese central authorities have not yet found it fit to equip the environmental regulators with the legal rights to implement their measures and laws. Politics has also made this step to be quite difficult as there are many conflicting parties, which want to address the issue of environmental conservation differently.

It is through the conservation of nature that animal protection can be guaranteed. Therefore, China is focussing more on protecting the environment especially concerning the habitats occupied by different animal species. A recent research study conducted by some of the environmental regulators in China indicated that the conservation of the ecosystem as well as the animal species within the ecosystem would assist in maintaining the natural imbalances, which have been affected by numerous human activities (Shapiro 42).

There has also been a rapid decrease in the number of animals in China. This is based on a conservation study that was conducted on animal extinction. Humans have attributed the decline to the destruction and persecution of their habitats. For instance, most industrial waste products are released into freshwater bodies causing the water to be filled with impurities leading to the death of most of the sea creatures.

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