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Homework answers / question archive / Only have to work on part two of the assignment

Only have to work on part two of the assignment


Only have to work on part two of the assignment. the topic is the public health issue is mental the population is veterans in baltimore, MD

Group Role Synthesis Assignment Rubric

Each group will choose a public health issue that is important to their clinical site. Using a population-focused approach, each group will track this problem throughout the semester and apply community/public health nursing knowledge according to established guidelines & timelines 





Points Possible

Points Earned



Part 1:  Public Health Problem/ Evidence of



 20 Points



Part 2:  Public Health Analysis 


 20 Points



Part 3:  Evidence-Based Intervention


 20 Points



Part 4:  Planning/ Evaluation/ Collaboration


 40 Points



Detailed Description of Role Synthesis Assignment

Part 1: Public Health Problem and Evidence/Perceptions of Need (20 Points)


  • Select a PH issue, problem or need that is a priority for your clinical site.  Review the professional literature for epidemiologic information on the public health problem in the population on which you are focusing your efforts. (5)
  • What data justifies this decision? Summarize the community assessment you conducted in clinical. What are your sources of data, did you have to extrapolate? 
  • Provide evidence from the literature to support the need for intervention – quantitative studies, qualitative studies, social science or public health reports. (5)
  • Cite the articles, summarize the information (noting incidence, prevalence, risk, health disparities, etc. that point to population at risk).  (5)


Part 2: Public Health Analysis (20 Points)


  • Briefly discuss the social justice aspects of this problem. Why is this a social justice issue

if it is (2)

  • Describe primary, secondary and tertiary prevention as related to the group’s problem.  You may not use the same prevention method for all three levels of prevention. What does the literature say about prevention at these three levels? Make sure the prevention methods are realistic financially, culturally, physically, etc.   (10)
  • Identify the government agencies (federal, state, or local), non-profits and other collaborations that are working on this issue in Maryland. Describe the work they are doing on your issue if any, and outcomes achieved. (3) 
  • Using the Minnesota Wheel of PHN Interventions, select at least 4 interventions and describe how that intervention might be used in addressing this problem. (5)


Part 3: Population-At-Risk and Evidence-Based Intervention (20 Points)



Synthesize relevant articles (at least 5) from the professional literature (peer-reviewed journal) that describe evidence-based programs/interventions that are appropriate for your public health problem and target population. From your synthesis, critically examine and reach group consensus on which program(s) will be a good fit for your problem, in Maryland, with your target population and known stakeholders.  If relevant, clarify how you adapted the intervention to meet your target population. 


Part 4: Planning and Evaluation (40 Points)


  • Goals of the Intervention, identify one (8)

Objectives – Program elements to achieve goals these can be process or outcome objectives but need to be measurable and have a timeframe. (12)


Provide a summary of your intervention and activities including: (20)

  • What is the name of your program/ intervention
  • Explain why the group chose this program  
  • Intervention details 
  • Specific activities that tie to your objectives
  • How nurses will function in this program. Include CNL role as well as APRNs
  • List other disciplines included in the program intervention and describe their role.
  • Estimated Cost (space, personnel, equipment, supplies, technology support, consulting) 
  • Provide measurement strategy for determining the degree to which each objective is achieved 


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