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Homework answers / question archive / Its Friday afternoon, a rainy cozy day is about to start

Its Friday afternoon, a rainy cozy day is about to start


Its Friday afternoon, a rainy cozy day is about to start. I felt the need to go out with my 3 siblings for a walk since we haven't chatted in a long time. No matter where life takes us, we promised to stay together and plan for a break from time to time. Nora and I went to Sami's house than we all drove to get Ali. We were all so excited that it's finally our day out. We chatted and shared our concerns about many things that have been bothering us weather its school, work, or family obligations. At the end of every Friday evening, we tend to go to the cinema. We can never decide what to watch because each one of us has a different taste. We finally decided after so many attempts to choose. We all agreed to call mom and have her pick a letter. Each letter stands for a different movie. The phone kept ringing and mom finally picked up. She is so precious to us so anything she would say is granted, especially the fact that we all agree that she is our luck jewel. Mom finally decided and we all finally agreed.

Feed back
Handling multiple characters in the same scene with different motivations is not easy, but I really like what you're starting with. Think about how to "show" what each character wants through their actions rather than saying it, and try to develop the action a little more. Good effort.
I need help correcting/developing this based on the feedback.

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