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Homework answers / question archive / Write 5 pages thesis on the topic my life within the matrix of domination

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic my life within the matrix of domination


Write 5 pages thesis on the topic my life within the matrix of domination. The sense of unity can also be termed as the dependency on each other for survival in society. Every social group is identical and different from each other. The factors which actually differentiate these groups are race, class, gender, religion, age and many other such factors. Every group has its own discriminatory set of characteristics which makes it a unique group.

The matrix of dominance can be related to the issues that arise due to oppression or privileges associated with any group or class of the society. It is a fact that people belonging to different groups may get some kind of oppressions and privileges just because of their origins in that particular group. Though the ethical and moral values do not allow us to discriminate any person on any such basis still it is a very common practice in the society to treat people according to their groups. There are many examples which can be used to illustrate the theory of matrix of dominance but basically, the main focus was given to African-American Women. That woman has to face many challenges in her life regarding society’s behavior. In short words, we can also say that the matrix is related to feminine issues (DeVault 1).

As a member of the black feminist group, there are many privileges to be enjoyed in society. Black women are now considered as the source of emerging knowledge or we can say the source of developing the new areas of knowledge. As a source of knowledge, the respect of the individual might be increased in the literary fields. We the black women are usually represented by the features as a self-reliant and self-confident creature that can face any challenges and suppressions while living in a cruel and harsh society. This group of people has to face oppressions in society but they have the power and the courage to handle it in a decent manner.&nbsp.

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