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Homework answers / question archive /  write an article on The Garden and the Red Barn

 write an article on The Garden and the Red Barn


 write an article on The Garden and the Red Barn. It needs to be at least 1250 words. The essay notes that aesthetic expectation in our mental images is that of green, peaceful, and productive (Schauman, 1998). However, this has not been the case in the current society. On the other hand, the essay notes that the opposite is expected of cities in our mental images. Such places are expected to be a lack of any aesthetic measures as it is messy, industrial, and littered (Schauman, 1998). The author notes that the difference in mental perception is based on nostalgic expectations individuals have in the countryside. This is not based on real interaction individuals have with the environment as they practice agriculture.

Moreover, the author notes that the pastoral aesthetic beauty of the countryside has been under threat. This has been common due to poor agricultural practices. This has led to the loss of degradation and loss of fertile soil responsible for maintenance of such beauty. The author notes that modern American agriculture is the main contributor to the loss of pastoral aesthetic. This has been by use of chemicals and poor conservation measures.

Additionally, the author notes that there has been a reduced the chance to experience an actual agricultural landscape. The essay notes that those that existed before had time to enjoy the aesthetic value offered by agricultural land. This is because most of their time was spent on farms. The recent generation has had few interactions with the farm life. This has been due to changes in agricultural practices and decline of a number of farms. Hence, the generation lacks opportunities to experience a real working farm. Moreover, most of their grandparents live in towns or retirement villages in the Sun Belt (Schauman, 1998). Here, farming is either nonexistent or large scale. This means the future generation will have no real interaction with the actual countryside.

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