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Homework answers / question archive / Write 5 pages thesis on the topic romeo and juliet: writing journal entry as romeo

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic romeo and juliet: writing journal entry as romeo


Write 5 pages thesis on the topic romeo and juliet: writing journal entry as romeo. Can someone tell me what love is? Why does the heart have to bother itself with one person who cares not? Oh my heart, how I wish you would only pump blood, but you keep pumping Rosaline in my mind.

When my friends invited me to a party at the Capulets, I had no inkling that Benvolio’s words would prove me wrong. It was a strange place to be since our families would not look at each other in the eye. The party was a buzz of activities. I felt safe in the crowd. My eyes did roam on many young women, but none did catch my attention. Then came this Juliet, a princess so pure indeed. I had so much anticipation even as I continued to grieve over Rosaline. I confess I was excited at the thought of the party, but I had no idea I would meet my perfect match. However, I had a foreboding of an inevitable fate in this arrangement. My heart leaped with both joy and concern.

It was not until the party began that I realized I had never been in love. Blame it on Juliet. It appeared to me then that a man’s feelings are like columns of smoke blown about by the wind. When I saw Juliet, my worries about Rosaline came to a sudden stop. I was on a new course of action even without knowing. Like a column of smoke, fate blew my feelings over to Juliet. Such are the times when a man must muster enough courage to speak his mind or forever die grieving about the woman he would have married had he taken a bold step. When I did touch Juliet’s hands and talked to her, I knew that my heart had found all that I ever needed, but alas, how will I deal with the fact that she is a Capulet? Have I just come from one torment into another? Good Lord, I will follow my heart in this love. I have never before kissed a woman before, so that kiss must have been the seal of my love. She must be the one.

Things must have happened too quickly. The party was over but I felt it was not yet time to go home.&nbsp.Therefore, I climbed the wall, ignoring my friend's call. Love led me to find Juliet in the quietness of the night where she came to the very garden where I was to speak her mind. I heard her confess that she loves me and that she, like me, would disregard our family differences for this love.

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