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Homework answers / question archive / Step 1 Watch and take notes during this video and read the case study

Step 1 Watch and take notes during this video and read the case study


Step 1 Watch and take notes during this video and read the case study.

1) Watch and take notes during the following video with Hollie Delaney, Chief People Strategist for, and learn how Zappos navigates times of crisis by leaning into their culture and core values.:

2) Read the Case Study in Chapter 1 of your textbook on pages 62 & 63 "Zappos Faces Competitive Challenges".

Step 2 Post the following.

Respond to ALL of the following, and if appropriate, include personal experience as part of your answers.  Cite your resources and put quotation marks around direct quotes to support your opinions.

  1. Zappos seems to be well-positioned to have a competitive advantage over other online retailers.  What challenges discussed in your textbook pose the biggest threat to Zappo's ability to maintain and enhance its competitive position?  How can HRM practices help Zappos meet these challenges?
  2. Do you think that employees of Zappos have high levels of engagement?  Why?
  3. Which of Zappos 10 core values do you believe that HR practices can influence the most?  The least?  Why?  For each of the core values, identify the HR practices that are related to it.  Explain how the HR practices you identified are related to the core values.
  4. How might the change to the holocracy management style undermine Zappo's core values and cause employees to have lower levels of engagement?
Step 3 Read and respond to other students' posts.

Comment on the thoughts expressed by at least two other students. If differences of opinion occur, debate and support your viewpoint professionally, citing references and resources appropriately.

All Discussion Board Requirements:

  • Post a minimum of 3 posts per discussion, 1 initial response and 2 replies to a classmate
  • The first post must be made at least 2 days before the due date
  • The first post should be at least 100 words
  • Reply posts should be at least 25 words
  • Spell check, grammar check, proofread, use Netiquette
  • Include salutation to start replies (ie: "Hello John")
  • Use quotation marks around direct quotes and cite all resources
  • No late discussions are graded

There is a Grading Rubric for all discussions.  To view this, click on the down arrow next to the gear icon in the top right above the discussion instructions.

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