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Homework answers / question archive /  A financier has made a loan of $14 million

 A financier has made a loan of $14 million


 A financier has made a loan of $14 million. The contract for the loan calls for payment of interest quarterly at a nominal annual rate of 7.8%, until the full principal is repaid in one lump sum at the end of 14 years. After 3 years have gone by, immediately after the quarterly payment, the financier decides to sell the asset to an investor. If the investor values these cash flows with a nominal annual rate of 6% when compounded quarterly, what value would the investor consider the remaining loan contract to be worth? 16.122 Answer in millions of dollars, correct to 3 decimals. Just Save Submit Problem #7 for Grading Attempt #2 Attempt #3 Attempt #4 Attempt #5 Problem #7 Your Answer: Attempt #1 16.122 0/2x Your Mark:

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