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Homework answers / question archive / Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Interdisciplinarity in Linguistics

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Interdisciplinarity in Linguistics


Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Interdisciplinarity in Linguistics. It can be shown that interdisciplinary awareness can be quite important for those who wish to study and work in the field of linguistics.

Historically speaking, linguistics has been dominated by the idea of studying the structure and function of language itself but in recent times, advancements made in other fields have brought linguistics closer to other realms of science. For example, the research conducted by Chomsky and others who followed his ideas has brought linguistics into the field of biology and human development. The process by which children acquire language and even the biological patterns that the brain develops with regard to language information may be studied under either linguistics or biology (Ardener, 2004).

Evolutionary studies, as well as anthropological studies, also focus on the development of language as it has evolved through time. Words, phonemes, and phones that were used centuries ago may not be in use within the same language as words from other languages are mixed or the use of certain terms is deprecated with time. The very origins of language itself is also a field that comes under both evolutionary studies as well as linguistics and that is a field that deserves further exploration as it can yield a lot of information about how language evolved along with human biology (Shuy, 1984).

Linguistics is also related to sociology insignificant terms, simply because what we say and how we know certain sociological structures affect our relationship with them. The terminology used by society for social artifacts can make something taboo while others may be given euphemisms and a different name in order to not break taboos (Ardener, 2004). Both sociologists and linguists will be very interested in how these names are formed and why these names are used by the people who speak that language. In fact, when it comes to taboos, even psychologists will show interest with regard to finding out how and why the taboo was created in the collective consciousness (Shuy, 1984).

In fact, the creation, continuation, and negative values associated with irrational stereotypes also have to do with linguistics since psychology can help us in understanding why a person develops a positive or negative attitude about certain words. For instance, the creation of individual schemas and positive and negative attitudes about certain groups of people may have a linguistic component that associates the group with negative imagery. Undoubtedly, there is also a component of learned behavior and personal experiences but understanding the language used and changing the language can also impact the relationships between groups of individuals.

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