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Homework answers / question archive / Write a 5 pages paper on the history and development of oceanography

Write a 5 pages paper on the history and development of oceanography


Write a 5 pages paper on the history and development of oceanography. Have you ever wondered what lies hidden beneath the dark depths of the world’s oceans? By studying oceanography we can find an abundance of knowledge deep into the oceans. Oceanography is the “scientific study, the life that inhabits them, and their physical characteristics, including the depth and extent of ocean waters, their movement and chemical make up, and the topography and composition of the ocean floors” (The American Heritage Science Dictionary, 2005).

The history of Oceanography way back in 1680 is quite interesting in the person of Luigi Ferdinando Marsigli. What makes it interesting was this 21-year-old lad was concurrently on a political trip when he, unknowingly, involved himself in the history of oceanography. His eventful journey started on July 22, 1679, as he sailed from Venice to Istanbul for a political mission of collecting data because he was working as a messenger between the Turkish and Venetian diplomats. He did not have a formal degree in the field of science but he showed a considerable inclination toward mathematics and natural sciences. He was more interested in politics and government, thus his connection with the Venetian embassy had given him the opportunity to learn about other cultures. So in this trip to Istanbul gave him the opportunity to learn their local language and culture. Since he was a careful observer, and fond of experiments, this trip became a memorable voyage because it gave him an interesting perspective on the nature of the impressive geographical features and remarkable current patterns of the Bosporus Strait, the two-layer flow. This sparked his imagination and moved him to perform deep observation and experimentation. He decided to measure the density of waters at various locations in the Bosporus Strait and the Mediterranean and Black Seas. Then, he measured the speed of the Bosporus surface current.&nbsp.

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