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Homework answers / question archive / Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: My Imagination about Billionaires

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: My Imagination about Billionaires


Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: My Imagination about Billionaires. It was my perception, they are some extraordinary creatures that are able to spend an extraordinary life so that they could not be like other human beings.

It was my imagination about billionaires before I met one of them. As per my imagination, a billionaire was a very extraordinary creature. I believed that these creatures were very huge, and they had at least four stomachs or two hundred teeth. They would eat plenty of food like hundreds of roasted lambs and they would drink thousands of world’s best wine bottles. And they would eat hundred pounds of food in a single bite. I used to think that the eating routine of these people would start from early morning and continue till late night. And when they would feel tired of eating and chewing then they would ask their servants to chew food for them that they could swallow throughout the entire day. These rich people must be tired by night due to their whole day hard working routine. they would be put in their beds made of gold by their servants so that they could start their same routine from the next morning after having rest. Their beds would spread over thousands for yards. They would eat in the utensils made of gold encrusted with pearls and diamonds with the spoon that could hold pounds of food at a time. Their houses would be spread on an area that could cover two or more cities. In those palaces, there would be the whole army of their servants serving billionaires. There would be exotic birds sitting on the trees made of gold and precious stones in their widespread gardens.

I used to think that it must be so difficult for such people to spend their wealth on themselves. The pocket… yes… I used to picture the pocket of a billionaire as large as the Empire State building with huge space in it. The life would be very harsh for them. I believe that wealth and assets have no value that until a person cannot consume more food than a common human being.&nbsp.

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