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Homework answers / question archive / Write a 250 words paper on the topic Technical Writing

Write a 250 words paper on the topic Technical Writing


Write a 250 words paper on the topic Technical Writing. Personal Characteristics: This is regarded as a singular source for developing a custom “vibe” for lounges and bars of all types through the use of lighting, textiles, hardware, and furniture.

Personal Preferences: Enjoys thinking outside the box in an artistic manner, but likes contractual matters to be clear and explicit.

Cultural Characteristics: Madison is an American citizen from Maryland. No apparent cultural differences are present.

Attitude toward the Writer: Typical client/liaison relationship. No problems or sources of contention.

Attitude toward the Subject: Is willing to help any client to bolster her own reputation as an interior designer without compare.

Expectations about the Subject: Likes clients to stick with their decisions once they have made up their mind. Considers contracts sacred and expects the Subject to uphold his end of the contract religiously.

Expectations about the document: Like to be provided with worksheets that list or diagram all of the potential designs planned with the customer. Then expects a final draft of design with attached bills for fabrics, furniture, hardware and furniture to be clearly demarcated.

Reasons for reading the document: To understand the problems expressed by the customer. She will read to determine if the complaint is addressed within the bounds of the contract.

Way of reading the Document:

Skim it__ Study it X Read a portion of it ___ which portion?

Modify it and submit it to another reader__

Attempt to implement recommendations__

Use it to perform a task or carry out a procedure___

Reading Skill: Her reading skill is average.

Readers Physical Environment: Planning room of her home office.

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