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an research paper on multicultural leadership


an research paper on multicultural leadership. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism. Multicultural Leadership Multicultural Leadership The 21st century workplace is a diverse and multicultural. Advent of technology has resulted in a multicultural workplace and the best way to manage it effectively is to develop multicultural leaders who can lead diverse and multicultural workplaces. Therefore, it is essential for an organization to create conditions where multicultural leadership flourishes.

Apart from having a diverse work place there are various other factors that need to be present for multicultural leadership to flourish in an organization. There must be no psychological barriers of identity, privilege and ethnocentrism in the organization. Employees must be encouraged to identify and be self aware of their identity (Thomas, 2005). Opportunities must be made available to all employees irrespective of factors such as race, gender and sexuality. Such conditions result in leaders being psychological ready for multicultural leadership.

Multicultural leadership can flourish in an organization if there are plenty of opportunities for leaders to understand different cultures apart from their own and also get to communicate and work with a diverse workforce from different cultural backgrounds (Thomas, 2005). And leaders must be encouraged to continuously learn from their experiences and conditions must not allow them to become complacent. These conditions are ideal for developing leaders into multicultural leaders.

Another important factor that helps in developing multicultural leadership in an organization is the encouragement of emancipatory leadership (Thomas, 2005). Emancipatory leadership encourages a more open style of leadership. Leaders must be encouraged involve employees (where they see appropriate) in the decision making and take a smaller role in the process of debate and decision making. Leaders must be encouraged to trust their subordinated on implementing and executing various tasks. This will result in the development of multicultural leaders.

This paper has successfully identified the conditions necessary for multicultural leadership and has simultaneously made recommendations to move the process forward.

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