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Homework answers / question archive / Write 2 pages with APA style on Usability will be an important factor in QoL and QoA

Write 2 pages with APA style on Usability will be an important factor in QoL and QoA


Write 2 pages with APA style on Usability will be an important factor in QoL and QoA. Usability in relation to QoE and QoL affiliation Usability in relation to QoE and QoL Carr (2003) defines Quality of experience (QoE) as the general measure of customer’s experience with a particular service, especially computer oriented services. Quality of life (QoL) on other hand refers to the general welfare of people in society. Quality of life focuses in all aspects of life ranging from mental health, education, leisure time and social belonging. As new electronics flood consumer markets, they should be easy to learn and use so that consumers can enjoy using them thus improving their lives. This brings in the concept of usability.

Current markets are saturated with lots of computer products from different vendors. As a result, manufactures need to develop systems and products that are usable by consumer. In order to achieve this, they should focus on user-oriented methods of product design rather than technology-oriented methods (David, 1984). In doing so, the customers quality of experience will increase which will in turn increase the quality of experience.

The key idea behind usability is the object should be designed with key attention and consideration put on the user’s psychology and physiology. In other words, the designed systems should be efficient. By efficiently, it means that a consumer takes little time to learn and use it. This will ensure that the consumer make more use of the given product thus improving their quality of life.

Many are the times when products come in the market and go. During this period of time, consumer may forget how to use the particular product. Usability focuses on the ability of consumers to remember how to use this product, were it to return back to the market. It is very important to design products that consumer will easily remember to use as this will enable them establish proficiency hence improving the quality of life (Iler, 2000).

Produced goods are never 100% efficient and as a result the manufacture needs to test it before releasing the product into the market. Manufacture need to understand that testing things prior to releasing them into the market is cheaper compared to releasing and then make rectifications later. In addition to that, quality of life demands that for people to experience the general welfare of life the level of errors, arising from usage of commodities, should be minimized greatly (Mellouk, 2014). This means that consumer goods should be designed in a way that consumers will make very minimal errors while using these products. Manufactures should therefore design products with interfaces that are easy to understand and operate. In doing so, less errors are made while operating machines thus leading to improvement of life and hence quality of life in general.

As to conclusion, products that are easy to use increases customer’s quality of experience which in the long-run has an impact to the quality of life of the consumers. Products should therefore, be easy to use and operate, reliable and reduce the level of errors so as to improve customers experience and quality of life.

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