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Homework answers / question archive / Compose a 500 words assignment on how the hubbell telescope is an innovation in science

Compose a 500 words assignment on how the hubbell telescope is an innovation in science


Compose a 500 words assignment on how the hubbell telescope is an innovation in science. Needs to be plagiarism free! How the Hubble Telescope is an Innovation in Science. For centuries scientist and astronomers have viewed the stars to learn and explore the universe and its galaxies. Learning, recognizing planets, and gassy phenomena’s came only through careful observation and fine tuned study and research. The use of the naked eye only proved useful in gathering needed information being limited to the range of one’s field of vision. With the invention of the telescope, new discoveries within millions of miles would be observed and researched to bolder and greater extremes. Being able to measure the size, temperatures, brightness, and age became an important advantage to how the world of science and astronomy viewed the universe through the telescope.

The Hubble Space Telescope (HST) is 43.5 feet (13m) long and weighs a massive twenty-four thousand five hundred pounds (11,110 kilograms). The (HST) is quite complex as even the main reflective mirror on the inside is seven feet ten inches (2.5m). It still today holds the title of the most impressive telescope ever built. During its cycle of rotation, this 2.2 billion dollar unit can orbit planet Earth more than fifteen times the hours in one twenty-four hour day. It is capable of transmitting heavy amounts of information data equivalent to filling ten thousand floppy disks completely full. On April twenty-fifth nineteen ninety, a theoretical astrophysicist Lyman Spitzer’s research proposals of a working space telescope became a reality as the space shuttle Discovery deployed the Hubble Telescope into space. Being named after the great Edwin Hubble himself, it began on its course of data collecting that would forever change the way that the scientific community analyzed astronomic data and measurements.

Capturing some of the most incredible photos, the Hubble has made many successful discoveries including helping scientist to determine the age of the universe. Thus far the massive Hubble Telescope has accomplished many feats. From the discovery of black holes to the probing of several different galaxy centers, the (HST) continues to prove to be an innovation to science providing answers to profound and complex astronomic equations. A major difference that distinctly separates the Hubble Telescope to be in a league of its own is the fact that when using earth bound telescopes, scientist could not clearly see the objects that were deep in space because light from the atmosphere causes fuzzy images and distorts the light waves within the visible spectrum of the telescopes view. The Hubble however, was created with the power to travel outside of the Earths atmosphere, and move around the earths orbit. Now Astronomers are able to view and measure different light waves such as X-rays and radio waves. The Hubble has also proved to be useful to our astronauts as space missions would be required to repair and install new parts on the telescope, thus creating a promising opportunity to gain more experience in outer space expenditures.

The digital capabilities of the Hubble are astounding. The orbiting telescope is able to capture all the information that reflects within its focal plane. It then transfers data through satellites which relay the data back to Earth creating actual pictures of the universe. Unlike a normal telescope where the scientist would have to analyze the images on the spot of the discovery, the Hubble images can be saved and compared to previously collected data for more precise and detailed evidence. In addition to capturing data and creating images, the (HST) is also a fully functional spacecraft that compliments several accomplishments in science today. Solar panels collect energy and power the Hubble’s instruments. It is also capable of switching between solar power and batteries, a similar model of what the auto industry is working on to reduce energy cost. Its robotic functions allow for smooth steering and accuracy that is able to capture distant images and data from afar. Since its launch many new galaxies have been found light years away from our own milky-way.

The Hubble has allowed the world of astronomy to gain a clear picture of the universe. A great number of incredible events and data have been photographed and recorded since nineteen ninety. It has become a common belief within the scientific community that many of these events would have never been seen or even noticed without the Hubble Space Telescope. As opposed to an earth bound standing telescope that may only be able to see hundreds of thousands miles away, the Hubble telescope can view up to ten billion lights years away. The (HST) is a true innovation that can provide us with data from the universe’s past.

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