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Homework answers / question archive / Write a article 250 words paper on the topic Electronic commerce

Write a article 250 words paper on the topic Electronic commerce


Write a article 250 words paper on the topic Electronic commerce. INTERNET GAMBLING The illegal gambling business Act is predicated on violation of law. The underlying gambling activity must first be illegal in the state of which it occurs, and then meet a certain monetary threshold. Internet gambling will be acceptable if it happens where the location of betting and the place of receipt of the bet have both legalized gambling. Individual or enterprises that solicit wagers in states where wagers have not been authorized, engage in violate state laws and in many cases federal law, as well. It is unlawful for sports books operations to take bets both over the internet and telephone from citizens of the United States. The US government is against internet gambling because it leads to gambling by minors, may be dangerous for compulsive gamblers, has potential for fraud, potential for organized crime, also money laundering.

THE SALE OF PRESCRIPTION DRUGS OVER THE INTERNET:-It is illegal for an unregistered pharmacy to sell prescription drugs to citizens over the internet. Prescription drugs must only be distributed under the professional supervision of a physician. otherwise it is considered as ‘misbranded’. Online pharmacies that provide these drugs without a prescription, therefore, operate illegally. Online pharmacies that provide diagnosis, prescription and distribution of drugs have to make a valid prescription. otherwise they will be considered as having distributed misbranded medication, which is illegal under the FDCA. The US government also does not approve the sale of prescription drugs over the internet, from countries whose quality and standards of the drugs are not the same as the US’s.

CONSUMER PROTECTION OVER THE INTERNET:-The United States government stance on this is that a consumer should be given protection equivalent to that which he/she would have if dealing in the physical transaction. A buyer should also be made aware that some of the legal protections which he/she enjoys on off-line transactions may not apply on online transactions. Government should be at the forefront in protecting consumers through coordination with FTC at national level, and other locally oriented task forces.

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