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Homework answers / question archive / Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the emergence of modernism

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the emergence of modernism


Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the emergence of modernism. The Emergence of Modernism Introduction Latin American heritage dictionary defines modernism as the period ofleaving the traditional life styles and adapting present and modern ones (Malcolm and McFarlane 68). It is further defined as the premeditated departure by people from the use of tradition as well as forms of expression in the society. Emergence of modernism was witnessed in the end of 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century distinguishing different styles in literature and arts in the larger Latin America (Malcolm and McFarlane 163). However, in order for various artists and writers to adapt to the new styles, it required them to adhere to diverse motivating factors. All in all, everyone involved needed commitment and dedication towards literary and artistic styles.

Motivating factors,Latin American artists and writers were encouraged and motivated in the emergence of new literary and artistic styles in the end of the 19th century. Nevertheless, this could not be realized without proper utilization and accommodation to the available factors at that period of time. Industrialization is one of the major contributors towards modernism. The urge by various emerging nations to become industrialized, felt that traditional forms of literature, arts, social organizations, religious activities and their daily lives were becoming outdated (Malcolm and McFarlane 102). Thus, the need for new and modern social, economic, political and environmental conditions was required so as to cater for the emerging markets and increased demands. However, various movement approaches from different artists and writers emerged during this period to make possible towards meeting the rising needs and wants by the industrial world players. Industrialization created room for improvements, development and reshaping of existing forms of literature and arts to the people.

On the other end, technology goes hand in hand with modernism. Therefore, technological advancements led to enhanced modernization through democratic revolutions. Technology acted and still acts as a motivating factor in the emergence of new artistic and literally styles. It is through it that we have seen more and increased production of arts and literature. The rate to access raw materials as well as getting them was made easier and comfortable, thus, allowing both artists and writers produce good and quality products. As a result, new methods towards producing new results were realized by the use of different technologies and advancements (Frascina and Charles 142).

According to Frascina and Charles (90), civilization is believed to have led to modernism in one way or another. History of Latin American literature and arts is as a result of developments of civilizations into rich and complex diversity of creative arts and idioms, themes, forms and styles. During this period of time, different Latin American cultures evolved and developed through arts and literature. However, as the societies grew, demand for more literary and artistic styles increased, thus, also increasing the number of artists and writers. The motivation to create, modify or discover new and modern ways as well as styles became the day to day activities in this era (Frascina and Charles 92).

Artistic and literary styles As people exited 19th century and welcomed 20th century, new artistic and literary styles were witnessed. Early traditional conceptual art developed to a modern process art which used the encyclopedia style to inspire more artists. These included performing arts, visual arts, and language and physical arts among others. Visual arts refer to the art forms like fine arts, crafts, paintings and decorative arts. Whereas performing arts includes activities that deal with theatre and ballet. Moreover, the 20th century concept mainly witnessed use of diversity of arts and literature resulting from various styles which were provided by artists and writers from all regions. The demand for calligraphy increased during this period and advanced from general writing style to a modern art form (Eysteinsson 92).

Most notable painting style was fauvism by Henri Matisse at the begging of the 20th century. Its pioneers believed that colour could be used at its highest pitch for expressing feelings about something by artists. According to this style, paintings are characterized by extreme simplified drawing or intensely overstated colour. Impressionism style on the other hand was used at the end of 19th century for analyzing the effects of colour as well as light in nature to art forms (Eysteinsson 98).

Conclusion,Realization of modernism has been made possible by improvements and introduction of new technologies. For the past centuries the aspect of modern movement was the most controversial one and still remains in the modern world. It is the rejection of tradition by people. Therefore, modernism stresses on freedom of expression, radicalism, experimentation, primitivism while disregarding conventional expectations. The journey of making good and quality art or literature work is as important as the art/literature work itself.

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