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Homework answers / question archive / Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses effects of new trends on advertising

Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses effects of new trends on advertising


Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses effects of new trends on advertising. Division of audience into small groups because of the increasing number of media outlets is called audience fragmentation. The increasing number of television channels, internet-related ad technologies, digital signage etc have opened new opportunities for the advertising people and it is difficult for them to attract a wide range of people towards their ads because of the audience fragmentation. Most of the television like media depends on their ad revenues and in order to get substantial revenue from ads they need to attract as much as audiences or viewers as possible. Audience fragmentation is a major threat for such television as media.

Business media consolidation is a term used to refer to the phenomenon of a majority of the media outlets being owned by a small number of corporations. For example, Keith Rupert Murdoch has almost monopolized world of entertainments by introducing a variety of print and television media like New York Post, The Herald and Weekly Times Ltd, The Times, The Sunday Times, The Sun, American satellite TV systems, Star networks, Fox networks, etc. In order to conquer the internet, he started the social networking website like Such media consolidation is a big threat to the advertising world since these corporate which controls the majority of the media will try to execute their missions and visions through these media in order to safeguard their interests.

The Consumer Credit (Advertisements) Regulations aim to ensure that credit advertisements give a clear and balanced view of the nature and costs of the credit on offer. The Regulations extend to all forms of advertising, including in print (for example, newspapers, circular letters, flyers, catalogues or billboards), on television or radio, on the internet, on Teletext or by way of telephone canvassing (Credit advertising).

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