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Homework answers / question archive / Please use work from last week as notes

Please use work from last week as notes

Computer Science

Please use work from last week as notes. and use the same topic.



The outline will provide the structure for the design document. Below are a few items to consider when creating the outline:


What is your targeted platform?

Is your targeted market high or low end devices?

Is your mobile application native or web?

How will that decision effect the content of your outline?

What type of testing will you need to do for your mobile application?

What mechanisms will you use to deliver your application to it's target market?

How will you adapt your application to future mobile device changes?


Minimum items for the Outline:



Executive Summary

Application Framework

Visual Design Tool Showing App (ie Storyboard)

Mobile Design Elements

Testing Strategy

Marketing strategy

Future Adaptations


Submission Instructions:


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