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Homework answers / question archive / Write a 5 pages paper on mersey care nhs trust

Write a 5 pages paper on mersey care nhs trust


Write a 5 pages paper on mersey care nhs trust. When Mersey Trust intends on making severe changes in its provision, structure and any other aspects, it needs to consider the community. these are the main beneficiaries of decisions made by the trust. The NHS Trust understudy has to put in mind that the number of patients is increasing and more needs to be done to reduce waiting times and quality of health care provided to these increasing numbers. They need to ensure that patients have been adequately catered for. (Katherine, 2002)

Staff members need to be incorporated in any changes that the Trust intends on the undertaking. It should be aware that changes in staff payments or employee conditions are to be kept at a minimum in order to reduce friction and possible confrontations that have been seen in the past from similar NHS trusts.

The Trust has to face conflicting roles. It has to fulfill its humanitarian aspect of helping out those who need assistance in terms of health care. In addition, it also has to deal with the fact that it still has to consider market forces during its commissioning activities. This can prove to be a rather daunting task. (Legge, 2004)

The Trust has to include technological advancements in its administration. Technological advancement should also be incorporated into the organization’s information system so that accountability and good governance are promoted.

Mersey Care has to deal with the increased competition among providers that have arisen after a number of independent health care service providers have been given the mandate to provide their services to patients. Also, there have been some treatment and diagnostic centers that have been commissioned. This means that the Trust needs to focus highly on commissioning activities. (Black, 2003)

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