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Homework answers / question archive / Antuan Company set the following standard costs for one unit of its product

Antuan Company set the following standard costs for one unit of its product


Antuan Company set the following standard costs for one unit of its product. Direct materials (4.0 Ibs. @ $6.00 per Ib.) Direct labor (1.8 hrs. @ $12.00 per hr.) Overhead (1.8 hrs. @ $18.50 per hr.) Total standard cost $24.00 21.60 33.30 $ 78.90 The predetermined overhead rate ($18.50 per direct labor hour) is based on an expected volume of 75% of the factory's capacity of 20,000 units per month. Following are the company's budgeted overhead costs per month at the 75% capacity level. Overhead Budget (75% Capacity) Variable overhead costs Indirect materials $ 15,000 Indirect labor 75,000 Power 15,000 Repairs and maintenance 30,000 Total variable overhead costs Fixed overhead costs Depreciation-Building 24,000 Depreciation–Machinery 72,000 Taxes and insurance 17,000 Supervision 251,500 Total fixed overhead costs $135,000 364,500 $499,500 Total overhead costs
The company incurred the following actual costs when it operated at 75% of capacity in October. $ 378, 200 270,600 Direct materials (61,000 Ibs. @ $6.20 per lb.) Direct labor (22,000 hrs. @ $12.30 per hr.) Overhead costs Indirect materials Indirect labor Power Repairs and maintenance Depreciation-Building Depreciation-Machinery Taxes and insurance Supervision Total costs $ 41,350 176,600 17,250 34,500 24,000 97,200 15,300 251,500 657,700 $1,306,500
Required: 1&2. Prepare flexible overhead budgets for October showing the amounts of each variable and fixed cost at the 65%, 75%, and 85% capacity levels and classify all items listed in the fixed budget as variable or fixed. ANTUAN COMPANY Flexible Overhead Budgets For Month Ended October 31 Flexible Budget Flexible Budget for Variable Amount Total Fixed 65% of 75% of 85% of per Unit Cost capacity capacity capacity Sales (in units) Variable overhead costs Fixed overhead costs Total overhead costs
3. Compute the direct materials cost variance, including its price and quantity variances. (Indicate the effect of each variance by selecting for favorable, unfavorable, and No variance.) Actual Cost Standard Cost

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