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Homework answers / question archive / Word Limit: 2500 words, 10% latitude (Bibliography not counted in word limit)

Word Limit: 2500 words, 10% latitude (Bibliography not counted in word limit)


Word Limit: 2500 words, 10% latitude (Bibliography not counted in word limit).

Task: In this task, students will build on their previous analysis and evaluation of their chosen case study in Assessment 2 to develop their own strategic crisis communications plan that is designed to proactively manage the same crisis and mitigate its negative impact on the organisation. If your case study is on a crisis that occurred in the pre-digital/pre-social media period, you are expected to consider how you would approach the same crisis if it happened now.

This crisis communications plan will include:

  • Overview of crisis
  • Implications for the organisation
  • Ethical considerations
  • Defined goals for the plan
  • Identification of key stakeholders (external and internal)
  • Key messaging for key stakeholders 
  • Communication pathways (channels)
  • Communication tools (tactics)
  • Evaluation & measurement

Referencing: Monash Harvard referencing system. Formal scholarly referencing is required. To build your skills in citing and referencing,    and using different referencing styles, see the online tutorial Academic Integrity: Demystifying Citing and Referencing at:

Presentation requirements: Formal academic writing conventions are required, including citations and a reference list (reference list is not included in the word limit). Submit in Word or .rtf formats. Do not submit in PDF.

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