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Homework answers / question archive / Coursework Assignment – 30 mks 1

Coursework Assignment – 30 mks 1


Coursework Assignment – 30 mks

1. List and briefly describe the types of market failure in the health care market. (10 mks)

2. (i)  In supply and demand analysis, how does the market equilibrium occur? (2 mks) 

(ii) Describe how market forces push the market toward equilibrium. (4 mks)

(iii) Give an example of how government intervention can keep a market out of equilibrium, explaining why the authorities would want to do this. (4 mks)

3. (i) Which ethical philosophy supports free public health care, and why? (4 mks) 

(ii) How does inequity manifest in health and health care? (6 mks)

Diagrams/Charts/Graphs can be used where necessary.

Please do not forget to reference APA style.

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