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Homework answers / question archive / Write 2 pages thesis on the topic social activism

Write 2 pages thesis on the topic social activism


Write 2 pages thesis on the topic social activism. The social cause can be any project whose benefits either enhance the living of a specific societal segment or even benefits many people. Societies have variable perceptions hence a big variation when it comes to social causes. There are several numbers of social causes, but the issue of environmental racism is worth addressing. It occurs when a particular place becomes a subject of environmental degradation due to class and racial components of the place. A place where a minority group and low-income people often inhabit becomes prone to factory waste dumping hence pollution. These health risks imposed on such a place are not eminent in big cities hence an issue of concern (Mirowsky and Ross 57).

Different actions can enable an individual to create a social impact. A situation where personal beliefs are strongly in a cause prompts a need to work towards a change hence supporting today’s activism. An activist can be anyone who is ready to fight for a societal change. This individual can even be a student active in a rally against fee increment or even an eminent politician in a fight for an amendment for international law to favor humanity. In a larger scope, finding the right strategy to end social injustice is a core component of activism (Dickinson 102). The results of proper activism behavior have a noticeable change in social, economic and psychological health in society.

Career choice can also incorporate some elements of activism if the involved person is ready to work for a societal change. Public policy and law operate in the modern legal professions, which entails public interests and human rights. The law aspect mainly supports social activism where one can have full engagement. Other professionals in the field of social work entail research for large social change. An individual can also participate in social activism by lobbying for both international and governmental activities paths like peacemaking. Working and supporting environmental sustainability and community organizing to empower local leadership through media campaigns and peaceful mass actions are also examples of circumstances where an individual can have full participation in social activism.

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