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Homework answers / question archive / Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on ip1 management report

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on ip1 management report


Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on ip1 management report. MANAGEMENT REPORT Planning As part of the core planning strategies, Dell Inc. uses cross-functional decision-making, which enhances coordination and combination, compasses hierarchical limits, and decreases the generation process duration in new item production in operation management(Dell, 2015). The uniting of individuals from distinctive fields that comes from this approach enhances critical thinking and lead to an intensive decision making. The groups cultivate a soul of collaboration that can make it simpler to accomplish client fulfillment and corporate objectives in the meantime. Business choices frequently require the information of individuals in more than one practical region(Dell, 2015). This prompts a superior understanding of the bigger view, permitting individuals with distinctive thoughts, viewpoints and ability to voice their plans and find innovative and creative answers for issues that the association is encountering.


Among the major organization and overall management strategies, Dell Inc. uses framing, particularly in solving challenges and as a good example on how the company’s managers observe the organization function. Framing does not necessarily give a solution for this issue but it gives a sense of direction and intuition. It prompts teamwork and contribution from everyone including the staff, middle-level management etc. It structural attribute that rationalizes the need for organization, accuracy and self-driven motivation as key constituents for making the right decisions and countering an issue efficiently(Dell, 2015). Additionally, communication is among the core factors and an aspect that Dell management emphasizes on throughout the operations. This helps the managers to create a bond and strong relationship with the rest of the staff members. Consequently, it facilitates novelty and expression without any pressure from the employees. they will freely approach the leader with new ideas and potential solutions for problems (Chapman, 2014).


According to Dell’s management, leadership is as significant as management itself hence their key aims is establishing the harmonizing link between both. They ensure that the company’s corporate leaders are experts of all business functions, and through this management, supervision and control is easier because, an executive has more details on the different modules of an organization(Dell, 2015). Additionally, under leadership and sustainability, the leader rotates through different roles before they come to their main project as part of individual development.


Among the control strategies, Dell uses different approaches such as Management by Objectives module that will facilitate the strengthening of the relationship between the staff and employees, and making the staff more reliable in control. For instance, in Management by Objectives, the staffs’ goals are the basis of the entire appraisal and reviewing them during the final evaluation gives the administrators easier work, eliminating unfairness and biasness, and simultaneously achieving control. According to one of the Dell’s supervisors, the key aspect in this method is the communication between the administrator and the staff members. moreover, this mode improves the creativity and level of thinking for the employees (Dell, 2015). However, the administrators ensure that the staff set strong goals for the method to be effectual since through this their performance levels will increase to reach their aim.

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