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Homework answers / question archive / Write 4 pages thesis on the topic the odyssey is an epic

Write 4 pages thesis on the topic the odyssey is an epic


Write 4 pages thesis on the topic the odyssey is an epic. The advancement in pragmatic and sociolinguistic regulations, in language utilization, is imperative to language learners to assists in the development of the pragmatic concept in their communication at societal, academic and professional levels (Horn & Ward 2004). These developments are essential in the comprehension and creation of language that is apposite to the presented situations or contexts. Pragmatics aims at portraying the attributes of the speech context that assists, in the determination of the right propositions, to utilize within a certain sentence. Pragmatic feature of presented meaning entails the interactions between the contexts of a phrase and the elucidation of the elements within these terms. In social context, pragmatics can be utilized with or without vagueness depending on the existing situations. In performatives, certain speech acts have to be put in place, where certain words ought to be utilized by the appropriate persons and in the appropriate context. In certain circumstances, the choice of proposition utilized within a sentence ought to go along with ceremonial or ritual deeds. However, certain situations within the social context bear different pragmatic requirements where propositions used cannot be applied in any other context due to its vagueness or ambiguity (Horn & Ward 2004). Individuals have the capability of choosing the appropriate speech acts and applying them in the social context.

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