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I need some assistance with these assignment


I need some assistance with these assignment. forensic psychology and criminal investigation Thank you in advance for the help! The first thing to be realized is that Thornhill is at greater risk for reoffending perhaps because of some inadequacy in his current life in conjunction with his previous history (Laureate International Universities, 2012). The period between Thornhill’s previous offense and the current offense is around five years indicating a period of calm in his life. It is highly likely that some stimulus such as perhaps problems with his girlfriend are bothering Thornhill and causing him to re-offend. It would be inadvisable to look into Thornhill’s case without a fresh forensic psychologist review. Based on the review provided by the forensic psychologist, it could be seen if Thornhill requires community support or time at a regular detention facility to solve his current problems (Laureate International Universities, 2012).

The presence of long knives at the home of Thornhill provides for the possibility that the offender might use these in order to inflict violence and possibly murder his girlfriend especially when under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In order to preclude such a possibility, it would be advisable to send a Domestic Violence Officer (DMO) to the house of Thornhill and his life in girlfriend to find out if violence has occurred or is suspected. Given the nature of Thornhill’s unfaithfulness, it is likely that his girlfriend may refuse his entry into the house. However, this is just a possibility as yet and the DMO can discuss this issue with the girlfriend as well.

In case that the life in girlfriend does not wish to accommodate Thornhill, it would be advisable to provide her a security plan since Thornhill might attack her out of rage. However, in case that she allows Thornhill back, she should still be given a security plan to contact the police as soon as she is threatened by the offender.

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