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Homework answers / question archive / ABC chair company manufacturers a standard recliner

ABC chair company manufacturers a standard recliner


ABC chair company manufacturers a standard recliner. During February, the firm's Assembly Department started production of 73,700 chairs. During the month, the firm completed 78,500 chairs, and transferred them to the Finishing Department. The firm ended the month with 11,200 chairs in ending inventory. There were 16,000 chairs in beginning inventory. All direct materials costs are added at the beginning of the production cycle and conversion costs are added uniformly throughout the production process. The FIFO method of process costing is used. Beginning work in process was 20% complete as to conversion costs, while ending work in process was 80% complete as to conversion costs. Beginning inventory: Direct materials $24.800 Conversion costs $35,900 Manufacturing costs added during the accounting period: Direct materials $168.200 Conversion costs $278,400 What is the amount of direct materials cost assigned to ending work-in-process inventory at the end of February? Note: Your answer should be in the format of "$***". Use commas to separate thousands. Round intermediary calculations to the nearest cent. Round the final answer to the whole dollar.

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