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  1. a. Profit Margin: (Net Income/Sales)
    b. Current Ratio: (Current Assets/Current Liabilities)
    c. Total Asset Turnover: (Sales/Total Assets)
    d. Capital Structure Leverage: (Assets/CSE)
    e. Total Liabilities to Total Asset Ratio: (Total Liabilities/ Total Assets)
  2. Still using the financial statements from Sanibel Corporation for 2011, if the dividend paid in 2011 was for $100,000, what must the ending retained earnings for 2010 have been?
  3. On a common size basis, which of the following assets is normally largest for an electric utility?
  4. Which of the following is not an activity reported in the Statement of Cash Flows?
  5. Which of the following activities is an operating activity?
  6. The current risk-free rate of the return in the economy is 6%. In addition, the market rate of return is currently 8.5%.
    Given this information, what would be the expected return on common stock for a company with a systematic risk level (Beta) of 1.3?
  7. Analyze news stories using dividend discount model
  8. Compute the amount of dividends you can estimate that Simmons will pay at the end of Year +1 in order to balance your projected balance sheet. Present the projected balance sheet here:
  9. All of the following are primary events that typically lead to changes in book value of shareholders' equity except:
  10. Cash Payments for purchase of treasury stock

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