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Homework answers / question archive / A force in the environment to which businesses must respond and that influences the direction of the business is called a business: Question options:      driver

A force in the environment to which businesses must respond and that influences the direction of the business is called a business: Question options:      driver


A force in the environment to which businesses must respond and that influences the direction of the business is called a business:

Question options:














Question 2

International information systems refer to:

Question options:



systems that talk to one another   using the global Internet.



systems used by international   businesses.



business processes that span the   globe.



the basic information systems   required by organizations to coordinate worldwide trade and other activities.


Question 3

German companies:

Question options:



do not recognize the profit until   the project is completely finished and they have been paid.



recognize profits before the   project is finished.



recognize profits when the project   is initialized.



do not recognize the profits until   they have been formally audited.


Question 4

All of the following present challenges to developing global business systems EXCEPT:

Question options:



foreign accounting practices.



production costs.



language differences.



exchange rates.


Question 5

Which of the following is NOT one of the principal management challenges in developing global systems?

Question options:



Encouraging local users to support   global systems



Coordinating applications   development



Defining an acceptable test plan



Agreeing on common user   requirements


Question 6

In relation to global systems building, the Internet:

Question options:



allows the seamless flow of   information through the enterprise.



affords local groups stable   broadband access.



has reduced networking problems.



reduced the need for skilled IT   employees.


Question 7

In decentralized systems:

Question options:



development occurs at the home   base and operations are handed over to autonomous units in foreign locations.



each foreign unit designs its own   unique solutions and systems.



systems development and operations   occur in an integrated and coordinated fashion across all units.



foreign units design the solutions   and systems used at the domestic home base.


Question 8

As a firm moves from local option systems to regional and global systems:

Question options:



agency costs increase.



coordination costs decrease.



transaction costs increase.



both transaction and agency costs   increase.


Question 9

What is the first thing you should consider when thinking about building an international information system?

Question options:



The state of world politics



Look for new technologies that   will help you achieve your goals



Consider the global environment   where your business will operate, and identify the business drivers for your   firm and industry



The business challenges you face   in the global environment


Question 10

A critical necessity for ensuring the integration of local systems into a global system is:

Question options:



adherence to data and technical   standards.



use of standard hardware at the   local level.



use of standard user software at   the local level.



using standard computers   throughout the system.


Question 11

The network systems structure is the most visible in __________ services.

Question options:












software design


Question 12

Which systems are worth sharing on a transnational basis, from a cost and feasibility point of view?

Question options:



Only systems that support   functions that are absolutely critical to the organization



Core systems and worthwhile   provincial systems



Core systems and any financial   systems that can be easily integrated with each other



Financial and accounting systems


Question 13

Which of the following is NOT a business driver of global business?

Question options:



Global communication and   transportation technologies



Development of global culture



Emergence of global social norms



Growth of international systems


Question 14

Of the following, which is one of the central principles recommended in this chapter for a firm organizing itself for international business?

Question options:



Organize value-adding activities   along lines of comparative advantage.



Establish multiple offices for   international systems and a global CIO position.



Disperse production and marketing   to regional centers and establish a single center for world headquarters and   strategic management.



Develop and operate systems units   at the international level first.


Question 15

Which of the following is NOT an important factor when implementing a global information system solution?

Question options:



Agreeing on common user   requirements



Understanding if your computer   system can operate in a global environment



Introducing changes in business   processes



Coordinating applications development


Question 16

Which of the following is NOT one of the main benefits to implementing global systems?

Question options:



Superior management and   coordination



Vast improvements in operation



New economies of scale at   production facilities



Reduced hardware costs


Question 17

In terms of global business strategy, the governance of __________ firms has been likened to a federal structure—strong central management core of decision-making, but considerable dispersal of power and financial resources.

Question options:












domestic exporter


Question 18

In a multinational business strategy, the __________ business function is decentralized, dispersed to foreign units.

Question options:









human resources



strategic management


Question 19

Most large companies with overseas operations have inherited:

Question options:



recently built technology   platforms for international systems.



batch-oriented reporting from   independent foreign divisions to corporate headquarters.



transaction-oriented reporting   based at the home office for overseas business.



global marketing systems developed   domestically.


Question 20

Global coordination of all of the major business functions permits the location of business activity according to:

Question options:



comparative advantage.



social norms and values.



competitive threat.



knowledge base.

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