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Homework answers / question archive / Write a 1 page paper on hr contributes at sysco

Write a 1 page paper on hr contributes at sysco


Write a 1 page paper on hr contributes at sysco. Communications of pre-existing OSHA regulations and compliances may have impacted safety, such as developing a marketed campaign to develop a corporate culture of safety through vision or mission discussions company-wide. Training for better job competency could have also impacted safety positively. Employee turnover might have been improved by creating softer HR policies that included training for autonomous work, creating a unified organizational culture, or flexible job strategies to provide motivation. Programs such as this usually build more dedication in employees by appealing to their psycho-social needs. Increases in customer satisfaction could be attributed to the benefits of the workplace climate survey to show employees that they are valuable members of the organization to appeal to their need for shared business decision-making. This makes for more productive outputs by employees by decentralizing authority.

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