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write an article on Reasoning and Problem Solving of Obesity Problem


write an article on Reasoning and Problem Solving of Obesity Problem. It needs to be at least 1500 words. Preventive/therapeutic interventions and systematic application of knowledge have succeeded in curing most diseases afflicting humanity, unless they are of incurable nature, such as AIDS or malignancy. Economic prosperity in the last few decades of the twentieth century, the resultant sedentary lifestyle which is not in accordance with how nature intended man to lead his life, has given rise to utterly novel diseases which were unheard of in the primitive world. Obesity is one such disease, which has reached serious proportions in recent times in American society as well as other affluent nations of the world.

Obesity cannot be classified in the traditional framework of diseases, as it does not have any infectious or pathological cause, except a few exceptional genetic factors which make certain people more prone to this malady. Generally, obesity has been observed in affluent nations, in people irrespective of race or ethnic background. It is more of a lifestyle disease which can be prevented by going back to nature. Obesity is a scourge affecting the majority of the people in the US and in other parts of the world where affluence and dietary patterns are congenial for its incidence.

The United States of America is a nation which has led the world in terms of economic growth, industrialization, and application of technology for a better life for its citizens during the major part of the twentieth century. The tremendous growth in the various states and cities of America, improvements in terms of civic amenities and healthcare has resulted in a lifestyle in the majority of the population which is, unfortunately, not in tune with nature. In the United States, the last thirty years have churned up an increasing number of obese people with 65% of today’s adult population suffering from one or the other obesity-related problems ( The number of obese children living in the United States has quadrupled over the last fifty years.

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