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Homework answers / question archive / Week 3 brought a lot to process

Week 3 brought a lot to process

Earth Science

Week 3 brought a lot to process.  Content included introduction to boarding schools and removals of native people from the landscape.  Week 3 also included removal of identity, connectivity to resources, and also loss of culture through refused treaty negotiation or recognition by the government. 

You may write about any of the content, however if you need a prompt you may want to focus on Removals, Boarding Schools, and Government relationships with tribes in discussion.  This is when you need to begin to identify the relationships of who is in control of Natural Resources and think about how resources used to look at time of removals and how resources look today.  How does the current situation with child separation compare to children removed to boarding schools?  How is this similar or not?

Are there similarities between removals and the movie "Promised Land"? What has happened to control of Natural Resources in the Movie "Promised Land"?

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