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Carefully read the following scenario


Carefully read the following scenario.It is six months later at Accountancy Victoria. A new intermediate accountant has been employed and there has been some friction. The new intermediate accountant's name is Ammar and he practices the Muslim faith. One of the senior accountants, Tiffany, has been with the business for three years and always gets along very well with her co-workers, but Tiffany has taken a disliking to Ammar as he refuses to shake hands with their female clients when they come in for meetings. Tiffany and Ammar do a lot of work together and are required to work closely. It has become apparent to everyone in the office that Tiffany dislikes Ammar and believes he is sexist towards females. Ammar has come to speak to you to tell you that he feels Tiffany is being very rude to him, especially in front of clients. He has explained to you that he cannot shake hands with females as direct contact with a member of the opposite sex who are not directly related conflicts with his religious beliefs as physical contact is not allowed. He tells you that it was never an issue at his previous workplace and he is very upset that Tiffany thinks he is sexist and he has had enough. You have told Ammar that you take this very seriously and you would like to help him and Tiffany resolve their differences and you will get back to him shortly about the matter.


1.     Send a follow up email to Tiffany and Ammar.


The text of the email should be in grammatically correct English, written in an appropriate (polite, business-like) style.

It should summarise the meeting and the solution(s) agreed to.

The email should be sent within 1 day of the meeting.


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