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Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide


Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. In Pursuit of an Education Education is the light at the end of the tunnel and a pillar of hope for all races. In Michelle Obama gave a commencement speech at a graduation ceremony at Bowie State University. In the speech, the First Lady celebrates the achievements of the graduates whom regardless of the challenges of life, struggled to complete their education. Throughout the speech, Michelle Obama praises education and observes its benefits. For example, it is through obtaining an education that people can participate as full citizens of a nation (Obama 288). The speech is important as it highlights the power and purpose of a good education.

The modern society is experiencing a sharp decline in higher education. The significant decline is often accrued to a number of factors such as the high fees, prevalent student debt coupled with the declining financial and educational returns. Arguably, the societal perception regarding education has changed with a significant number fostering the belief that education is not a good investment. The present education policy also fails to attract qualified, motivated teachers thus limiting the quality of education (Gordon “The Great Stagnation”). Resultantly, the decline in higher education is a compelling problem in the community that poses a serious threat to the society.

The decline in higher education is problematic as it negatively impacts the country’s economy, development, and societal well-being. First, students who are unable to complete their education tend to end up with lower wages. Furthermore, students who end up failing to complete their education end up unable to break even in terms of student debt. Overall, the failure to achieve quality education limits the country’s ability to compete successfully on a global scale. Consequentially, the global position of the country declines as it is unable to compete in terms of technological advancements and development in every aspect of life. In the speech, the 1st lady point out that it is through education that individuals can participate as full citizens of the country (Obama 288). This is because education increases the opportunity for a better job, better income and thus an improved societal well-being.

There are a number of reasons leading to the decline in higher education. First, the increasing cost of fees has made it difficult for students with financial constraints to pursue their studies. Poor academic achievement particularly including in minority groups such as the African American and the Hispanics has been on the rise (Gordon “The Great Stagnation”). Arguably, some scholars theorize that it is due to societal issues, for example, a family breakdown that is now bi-racial (Gordon “The Great Stagnation”). Moreover, there is parental influence where parents encourage sports instead of education. There is also a change in the learning environment, largely due to the prevalence of online learning that is the massive open online courses. The changes in higher education are a looming threat that would significantly affect the prosperity of the society.

Arguably, there are researchers who believe that the reason for the decline has nothing to do with student fees. Some researchers state that students are paid a handsome premium for their degree thereby enabling them to back their investment over a lifetime (Gordon “The Great Stagnation”). Regardless, the current stagnation is an issue of concern that requires a rapid and effective response. In the speech, Michelle Obama reminds the audience of the history of the university coupled with the struggles people undertook so as to achieve a good education. Resultantly, it is through the attainment of this education that the society was able to transform positively.

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