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In the Plant Breeding and Technology videos, Prof


In the Plant Breeding and Technology videos, Prof. Jim Myers discussed different goals of plant breeders, such as yield, nutrition, and resistance to disease, pests or abiotic stresses. Here are two examples of plant breeding in action:

Making a Meal that's Bred to OrderPreview the document

CGAIR Been Variety for Climate Change (Links to an external site.)

Given the food system challenges posed by climate change and greater human populations, how can we use plant breeding techniques to address the challenges? Which other food system actors can influence plant breeding to get plant-based food production to meet human needs?


A complete and meaningful response to the discussion prompt will earn the required points. You may instead choose to respond to another student's original response to the prompt, which will also count as points if it is complete and meaningful, for example, raises additional support for an argument, respectfully challenges a position, or raises meaningful questions.

In each Discussion forum, if you both respond to the original prompt and engage in a dialog with a classmate in an exchange of more than 2 posts (your original post or a classmate's), you can earn an additional one point in that forum, gaining an additional point on the Discussion.

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