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I need some assistance with these assignment


I need some assistance with these assignment. the sources of competitive advantage in the aero-engine and the grocery retail markets Thank you in advance for the help! The purpose of both perspectives is the same – to create customer value and give a performance. While evaluating the grocery retail and aero-engine industry on the parameters of both perspectives, it is important to reach a stage where basic assumptions of both theories are measured in indistinguishable contexts. Although both perspectives stress on a firm’s strategic orientation including Porter’s three generic strategies of low cost, differentiation and focus and RBP approach consisting of a company’s understanding of its strategic management process, yet following one approach may limit the scope of competitive advantage. As the industry managers seek competitive advantage both within firms and beyond industries, requiring a focus on the power of the relationship between the antecedents and results of competitive advantage, both perspectives are equally important. RBP perspective emphasizes recognizing a firm’s functional resources – financial and human – critical for the success of a marketing strategy. But these functional resources don’t provide knowledge on the important aspect of the general needs of the market segments like customers.

The cost-leadership strategy capitalizes on the value proposition, with an emphasis on low-cost. The success story of Tesco of the UK is such an example of focusing efforts on value-oriented customers in the market. Tesco products are valued for money although brand consciousness has been at the forefront, communicating of total brand identity in the future as well. In a cost leadership strategy, benefits accrue from process engineering skills, comfort designing of the product, cheap capital, and rigid control over cost and motivations on quantity sales. Based on porters’ generic value chain, a firm’s core competencies and activities are defined to get a competitive advantage.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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