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Homework answers / question archive / What I like to read is motivational, and inspiring books

What I like to read is motivational, and inspiring books


What I like to read is motivational, and inspiring books. My favorite author is Gary John Bishop and the book he wrote that inspired me to enroll myself in college and just better myself, in general, is called Unfu*k Yourself. I love his approach by telling you how it is without sugar-coating his message. The book talks about that people typically get too comfortable with where they are at in life. People would like to do more with their life and have dreams but are too scared to take the first step towards it by making excuses in their head. I am more interested in my making the most out of myself and becoming a great leader. With that said, I like to read materials that give tips or motivation that will help me reach my goal in life. We must continue to grow and continuously improve ourselves (Paulk, 2018). 
I think it is important to read because, “Learning to read is a key objective of early education and difficulties in learning to read can have serious adverse consequences”(Wigfield, Gladstone, & Turci, 2016, p. 190). With so much knowledge and revered individuals that have accomplished so much in their life, it is great to be able to obtain their knowledge. Obtaining their knowledge will give you the tools you need to accomplish your goals.  


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Paulk, J. (2018). Developing Drive + Recommended Reading. Choral Journal, 58(11), 67. 

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