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Essay. Using Eric Foner “Give Me Liberty” Volume 2, read chapters 15,16,17 and 18; respond to the question below in essay form. Your response should be detailed and use specific material from all parts of our class to support your answer. Use material from our primary sources and a typical response is should be at least 4-5 full pages, double-spaced (1000-1200 words and a normal times new roman 12-point font with regular margins), but you may have a longer answer. A paper shorter than 3 full pages needs to be very, very good to get a passing grade. 4-5 pages is not a limit or a requirement.  


Incorporate material and examples from the textbook and the primary-source readings. Do not use outside sources and just use material from part 1 of the class (Chapters 15 through 18).


1.      From 1865 through the 1910s, poor people, racial minorities, immigrants, working-class women, and women in general (often people were parts of 3, 4, or all 5 groups), did not always have the same opportunities and freedoms as wealthier people and those who were white. Using primary-source material and textbook content, describe what it was like for these group in the United States over this period.


Explain their rights, their jobs, place in society, treatment by bosses, the government, the wealthy.


What did they do to try to improve their lives? In what ways were they successful and in what ways were they unsuccessful? Why?


How did institutions like government, corporations, unions, granges, political parties, and private charities impact, improve, or hurt their lives?


Be sure to address the entire period (1860s through 1910s) and not just one time period.

mention all groups (which means you need to determine how much or how little depth you assign each group), be sure to point out differences within groups, and be sure to examine change over time. Also, be sure to look at and differentiate ways they tried to improve their own life (individually or as a group through political parties, granges, unions) and ways outsiders--government, corporations, private charities--tried to impact their lives. Answer the analytical parts of the question. When providing examples (which are important to include) draw them from all course resources--particularly want to see primary sources used.

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