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Homework answers / question archive / 1) You work for a major athletic shoe company

1) You work for a major athletic shoe company


1) You work for a major athletic shoe company. You are aware that everyone in your industry, and in school athletics departments, routinely violate federal law and NCAA rules. If caught by the FBI your defense of “well everybody does it” will result in your case being dismissed by the court. True O False Question 23 2.5 pts Anytime you find an unjust law you should just ignore it (not follow it) and work to change it. True False
Question 24 2.5 pts According to Mr. Cochran you may resort to civil disobedience if your cause is just, it affects most people, you have tried to work through the system, you are willing to pay the fine and/or go to jail, and you remain non-violent. True False Question 25 2.5 pts You are convinced that the speed limit on East University Drive is too low because in your experience similar roads you have traveled on had significantly higher speed limits. Furthermore you think the City of Auburn simply wants to make money off students by issuing tickets there, which is clearly unethical behavior. Therefore you should just ignore the speed limit and drive at whatever speed you want to drive. True O False.

2.1. If Naboo and Tatooine have the same population size, the standard of living in these two countries can still be different depending on:

their respective political systems

their respective inflation rates

their relative geographic size

the relative sizes of total output

2. An economy produces only 1 000 000 computers valued at $2000 each. Of these, 200 000 are sold to consumers, 300 000 are sold to businesses, 300 000 are sold to the government and 100 000 are sold abroad. No computers are imported. At the end of the year, the computer manufacturers hold the unsold computers in inventory. What is the value of GDP?

$0.9 billion

$1.0 billion

$1.8 billion

$2.0 billion

3. The following table contains information about an economy that produces only pens and books. The base year is 2003


Price of pens

Quantity of pens

Price of books

Quantity of books
















What is the value of real GDP for 2004?

A. $800

B. $1060

C. $1460

D. $1200

4. If the consumer price index increased from 1.52 to 1.65, then it must be the case that ______ relative to prices in the base year.

A. all prices rose

B. the weighted average level of prices rose

C. all prices fell

D. some prices rose and some prices fell

3.What do you think about the current economic growth of India? ( APA style with reference)

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