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Homework answers / question archive / Need help with my writing homework on Analyze the texts and compare and/or contrast them

Need help with my writing homework on Analyze the texts and compare and/or contrast them


Need help with my writing homework on Analyze the texts and compare and/or contrast them. Adrienne Rich Women and Honor and Sullivan's Violence of the Lambs. Write a 1500 word paper answering; Man has invaded the peace that animals have experienced in the wild for many centuries. In contrast, Adrienne’s text highlights the reasons as to why women have opted to formulate relationships with their kind rather than men. Both texts have both similarities and differences that exemplify their uniqueness in their own way. Therefore, this essay will zone in on the comparisons between the two texts in terms of themes and by giving personal views on the two texts. This will be through the portrayal of how deception, pretense have made the authors take their stand on their belief. According to Sullivan, the future that many religious clerics had been talking about would be here sooner than the world had initially anticipated. The author intimates that the religious concepts fed upon the human race were subject to questioning as their beliefs have no basis. Subsequently, this has led to the author to remove the ideology of religious concept from his school of thought. I think the author lives in a world of his own as he seems to believe in matters that are not super natural but only human. The author encourages his audience to love their lives in tandem with their liking by not allowing any individual to dictate their code of living. I think Sullivan is a rebel in his own way as he believes in doing the opposite of the norm as he tends to idealize his own thinking rather than believe in what he calls deceit by religion. Further, the author discusses the effects that man’s greed has influenced on the environment to which man has opted to blame the environment for his woes. On the contrary, this author seems to have taken the side of the flora and fauna to portray that they are the victims of pollution and not man as he would the world to believe. Sullivan seems to justify the reasons as to why animals have opted take their wrath on human beings as they no longer feel protected by the human species. In my view, Sullivan is an author that does not sugar coat his thinking while at the same time justifies that his statements do not intend to instill fear. On the other hand, Rich’s text has a different approach to that of Sullivan as the author presents the relationship between the female gender as a result of male influence (Rich 412). In essence, the author states that women have to be pure, honest, and loyal to their husbands who might be vengeful killers. Rich describes how women have to lie in order for them to be virtuous in the eyes of society while men do not have to show emotions towards their women. I think Rich presents the bitter truth that men would not want to hear regarding to the loss that men feel about losing women. It is because of the aspect of being lonely and lied to constantly that has led women to develop a liking for women as they tend to be more sensual. Therefore, men in heterosexual relationships find themselves having to lie in order for them to have control over their men as they tend to be coercive and manipulative. Additionally, the author justifies the reason as to why women lie as they do so in order for them to fill the emptiness as the lies appear to be their denial of fear (Rich 416). The notion presented by this concept of lying is that relationships are the principal basis for relationships. For instance, women have to make pretense over their perceived control over their relationships as men have minimal regard for the emotions of their women.

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