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Homework answers / question archive / SCWK 605 SCWK Generalist Practice Assessment Developing Midterm   Arrange these facts in sections and in complete paragraphs and in appropriate categories

SCWK 605 SCWK Generalist Practice Assessment Developing Midterm   Arrange these facts in sections and in complete paragraphs and in appropriate categories


SCWK 605 SCWK Generalist Practice

Assessment Developing Midterm


  1. Arrange these facts in sections and in complete paragraphs and in appropriate categories.  DO NOT duplicate pieces in different sections. Tell a story in paragraphs, please feel free to add connecting sentences, transitional phrases between sentences.
  2. List a set of the 10 most important questions you want to ask Raul and the 10 most important questions for his mother. Remember the most important to know the answer to in order to have a complete picture of the family and develop an intervention plan.
  3. What 4 most important issues that you think would like Raul and his family to work on?
  4. What assets (strengths) does Raul and his family have that will assist them in addressing the issues?


  1. Identified patient: 14- year-old Raul Garcia
  2. Referred by school guidance counselor because of Raul’s acting out behavior in school.
  3. Mother is a stay at home Mom
  4. Raul failed 7th grade and is currently in 8th grade now
  5. Marriage- several separations but the couple has always reunited.
  6. Family income: $2051.04 per week after taxes.
  7. Raul’s’ sister Pauline was an unplanned baby.
  8. The mother is one of 8 siblings and the only one who failed to go on to college.
  9. Raul’s brother Roberto, age 12, gets all A’s in school and is very athletic
  10. This is the second marriage for Mr. Garcia.  His first wife left him for another man a number of years ago.
  11. Raul’s problem behavior in school; skipping classes, coming late, gets into fights with other children, poor grades, talks back to the teachers, generally disrupts the classroom.
  12.  The psychiatric evaluation showed no abnormal findings and recommended family counseling for the children, especially for Raul.
  13. The family recently bought a sailboat.  Payments are $624.96 monthly.
  14. Mrs.G was pregnant with Raul before she got married at age 16 and quit high school.
  15. Raul’s siblings: one brother age 12; one sister age 4.
  16. Mr. Garcia encourages Raul’s “manly” behavior.  According to Mrs. G, the parents have fought consistently over how Raul should be disciplined.
  17. Mrs. G is age 30.
  18. Raul’s behavior problem started 3 years ago.
  19. This is a Latinx family.
  20. Pauline still wets the bed at night and is a “fussy eater” according to Mrs. Garcia, but otherwise, presents no unusual behavior.
  21. Mrs. Garcia would like to participate in some kind of marital counseling so that Mr. Garcia will improve his behavior in the home.
  22. Mr. Garcia’s mother died when he was age 4.  He was raised by his father and grandfather.  Mr. G’s father died in 2017 following a long illness.
  23. Monthly expenses: Mortgage $1625, car payment #1 $660.81, furniture payments $428.10, credit cards $574.08, TV payments $348.00, Health and life insurance for the family $261.35 car payment #2 is $804.41; private school for the two younger children $2049.76.
  24. Psychological testing shows an IQ of 118 for Raul and some minor perceptual difficulties.
  25. Roberto had Lymes disease with subsequent cardiac complications in 2015.  He was virtually bedridden for 6 months but he now engages in normal activity, with some minor restrictions re: really strenuous contact sports.
  26. Mr. Garcia’s mood is unpredictable; he vacillates between gentleness and rage.
  27. You have been seeing Raul once weekly.  You told Mrs. Garcia you’d see her and Mr. Garcia about twice a month.
  28. Mr. Garcia is a fine-finish carpenter and has been in the construction business for over 20 years.  He is now a construction foreman.
  29. You have seen Roberto and Pauline once so far.
  30.  Mrs. Garcia had a hysterectomy two years ago.
  31. Mrs. Garcia says the family can’t make it financially and are behind in several of their monthly payments.
  32. Mrs. Garcia never finished high school.
  33. Mr. Garcia is age 49.
  34. The family lives in a four-bedroom house.
  35. Raul refused to come to intake—Mrs. Garcia came instead.
  36. Mrs. G. was raised in a family with an alcoholic father.


Items to be grades

Possible points

Your grade

  1. Arrange these facts in sections and in complete paragraphs.



  1. Design a genogram and ecomap based on the information you see.



  1. List a set of questions you still need information for to help you understand this family?



  1. What are the issues that you would like to work on?



  1. What assets (strengths) do the clients have that will assist them in addressing the issues?






As many of you dive into organizing the material for Raul and his family I am getting questions and all of you should benefit from the answers. 
1. You decide who the client is, Raul, or the family that decision frames the written work and the ecomap. 
2. You refer to yourself in the third person as the worker, clinician, or social worker. 
3. Do not repeat information in multiple areas, report it once in the most appropriate location. You can identify the titles of each category. 
4. There are a lot of questions you could ask Raul and his mother. Your goal is to ask the most relevant questions to complete the story. 
5. Questions that start with why put people on the defense and assume judgment. Try instead the other relative pronouns: what, how, where, who, when rather than why. I know you are all dying to know about why they bought the boat, don't ask it like that! 

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