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Homework answers / question archive / Complete 15 pages APA formatted article: Field Trip Report: Marina Barrage

Complete 15 pages APA formatted article: Field Trip Report: Marina Barrage


Complete 15 pages APA formatted article: Field Trip Report: Marina Barrage. Marina Barrage is a dam erected across the mouth of the 350 meters wide Marina Channel. It is among the most important dams in Singapore. It is also the first reservoir in the city center and fifteenth of Singapore’s reservoir. Together with two other dams, Marina Barrage raised Singapore's water catchment to two-thirds of the nation's land area in 2011(Singapore National Water Agency, 2014).

In 2010, the reservoir was commissioned as a freshwater reservoir, boosting water supply for future generations. Local catchment makes one of the four major sources of water in Singapore. The other three sources are desalinated water, NEWater, and imported water. As one of the four major sources of water, Marina Barrage can satisfy about 10 percent of Singapore's water requirement (Singapore National Water Agency, 2014).

Marina Barrage is part of Singapore’s government initiative to alleviate flooding in low-lying lands in the city. During heavy rains, a series of nine gates at the dam are opened to release the excessive stormwater into the ocean when the tides are low. When the tides are high, gigantic pumps that have the capacity to pump an Olympic-size swimming pool per minute are used to drain the excess stormwater into the ocean (Singapore National Water Agency). Indeed it is amazing how Singapore was able to control flooding that had troubled the country for more than 45 years through projects like Marina Barrage.

It on a sunny afternoon and we are already at the famous Marina Barrage. The splendid site can only be equated to the fantasy Disney land. The bright sun shining on the vast water in the reservoir awes every member of the team. Children run around on a wide green lawn. families lay down for picnics and a few men maneuver kites in the sky. Everyone appears to be at the ecstasy.

“It is such an easy place for the lovers of kites to do what they do best,’ says one of my team members who are passionate about aerial photography by kites. “It’s quite high,” he acclaims, “and the wind is wonderful.”&nbsp.&nbsp.

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