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Homework answers / question archive / Write a 6 pages paper on london as a business tourism destination

Write a 6 pages paper on london as a business tourism destination


Write a 6 pages paper on london as a business tourism destination. London is recognized to be one of the most popular destinations within the UK for inbound business travel as many organizations and companies have representative offices in the city (Key Note 2014). The leading position of London as a political, business and financial centers of the world makes London one of the top international destinations in the world. The popularity of London as a business tourism destination results in a continuous flow of outbound, inbound, and domestic visitors into the capital (Key Note 2014). Thus, for example, in 2013 the total number of visits to London exceeded the number of 3,2 million (Key Note 2014). In addition to the growing number of tourists, London is continuously improving its position in the international rankings. According to the ICCA rankings report for 2012, London took 6th place by the number of meetings per city in Europe and in the world (International Association Meeting Market 2012).

According to the Mayor of London, in order to be “the best big city in the world” the city should shift away from the car (Begg 2013, 35). It is assumed that “livability” is a key factor for entrepreneurs and the workforce, and therefore it is the criteria that make the city more attractive in terms of business destination. The volumes of travel by road have declined over the past two decades, as about 30% of the road capacity in central London was given to bus users, pedestrians, and cyclists (Begg 2013). Highway capacity in outer London also has decreased by 5% and in inner London by 17% (Begg 2013). Despite these aspects, road and train infrastructures are highly developed because of regular updates and expansion (Key Note 2014).

In addition to strength train and road travel infrastructure, London has strong airport infrastructure. London has six airports, including London Heathrow, London Stansted, Gatwick Airport, London Luton, London Southend, and London City. Combined into the large airport system, these six airports differentiate the UK as one of the leading international transport hubs in the world (Key Note 2014).

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